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Fotograf für Interstil auf der IMM Messe in Köln

Exhibition photography at Cologne IMM

Exhibition photography at Cologne IMM

On January 16, 2017, the international furniture fair IMM Cologne started in Cologne. 150,000 visitors are expected. 1360 exhibitors from 50 countries present their new products on 270 000 square meters. The fair is all about coziness and retreat into your own four walls.

IMM Cologne – The international furnishing fair

IMM Cologne is considered the leading trade fair for the entire industry. The offer is overwhelming. Here we present three Scandinavian designers who have established themselves as trendsetters and will shape the following years.


The furniture brand INTERSTIL is out of the ordinary in the stand designs. The Danish company relies above all on the purism. Strong colors like anthracite, green or gray are cleverly combined with light wood furniture. Balance and balance ensure the well-being.

IMM Cologne 2017 ©


The experts reveal that the current global political turmoil and crises are causing the consumer to long for a safe and harmonious home. The controlled mainstream thus experiences a boom. Who else, if not the Scandinavian, knows better about cosiness? Lots of wood, light and elegant shapes – Scandinavian furniture is known for its lightness. And it is probably this understated elegance that made Scandinavian design famous all over the world.

The view into a room. It is clear and spacious. In terms of color, powdery beige, gray and blue tones dominate. There are only a few objects in the room, but none are in the foreground. The trend of the season exists u. a. made of plush covers. At the same time, the design of the 50s is taken up and modernized by innovative forms and stylish color palettes.

IMM Cologne 2017 ©


The history of LE KLINT begins at the beginning of the 20th century. P. V. Jensen-Klint, architect and “Master of Engineering”, was the first to form a hand-folded lampshade around a kerosene lamp. A team of friends and family members has launched his vision by working hard to make the lampshades. In return for the sacrificed time and effort, the family received the gift of gratitude: in 1943, the name LE KLINT became a true enterprise. A new and extraordinary form of LE KLINT lampshades conquered the market.

IMM Cologne 2017 ©

There are many ways to set up a home – lifestyle and trends vary, so everyone decides for themselves what’s right for their home. No matter what you choose, light is a necessity. In collaboration with renowned designers and architects, Le Klint offers a wide range of modern lamps focusing on functionality, aesthetics and quality. Le Klint is much more than just light.

On this day we worked as a booth photographer. The IMM Cologne and the booths of our customers INTERSTIL, SCANDINAVIAN DESIGN and LE KLINT offered manifold possibilities for the recordings. Thanks to the exhibition builder EASY FAIR, we had an exciting photo commission for the creation of exhibition stand photos. We thank our stand photographer in Cologne for the great photographs.