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Satisloh & Cocktail Angels auf Mido in Mailand ©

Satisloh and Cocktail Angels at the MIDO in Milan

Exhibition photography in Milan for the MIDO fair or as the Italian would say: "Fiera fotografia Milano"

From 25-27.02.2017, the optical industry – including Satisoh AG – met again at the MIDO Eyewear Show in Milan. Over the course of three days, machine and technology manufacturers and users exchanged views on the latest solutions, trends and opportunities for the production of eyeglass lenses and eyewear. The cocktail angels were there and made for a sociable atmosphere and extravagant taste experience.

Almost 100 years old, Satisloh is part of the French Essilor Group and is one of the leading manufacturers of machines for the production of spectacles and fine optics as well as matching high-tech accessories such as tools, grinding pastes, solvents and more. Of the almost 1,000 employees worldwide, 250 work at the Wetzlar location in Germany.

Satisloh & Cocktail Angels auf Mido in Mailand ©

"The eyes are the mirror of the soul."

Almost two-thirds of the world’s population needs visual aids. While in the industrialized nations eyeglasses are increasingly becoming a high-quality design object, and with elaborate coatings such as a color and anti-fog effect or anti-reflection leaves nothing to be desired, many people in other countries can not afford the aid.

Satisloh & Cocktail Angels auf Mido in Mailand ©

“But we are working on that as well, because only those who can read can learn, and affordable glasses are real development aid,” says Managing Director Steffan Gold. And so Satisloh builds machines that produce perfect glasses quickly and precisely from a glass or plastic blank, ready for insertion into a spectacle frame. “Despite the highly automated manufacturing process, each glass remains a single product, tailored to the visual problem to be corrected,” says Gold.

Precision to the nearest thousandth of a millimeter

It is produced to a thousandth of a millimeter, because eyes are sensitive. “A tiny mistake easily causes dizziness in the wearer of the glasses,” adds Leroux. The machines have to work correspondingly precisely. For their production a lot of tact is required. On an ongoing basis, around 1 million euros are invested annually, above all in new machines, measuring and testing equipment. Leroux: “To maintain our position in the market, we strive for the ideal factory. Newly installed technology and processes are already outdated in a few years – but we are thus a step closer to the perfect factory. “

Satisloh & Cocktail Angels auf Mido in Mailand ©

Event photographer in Milan

That was a very successful day at the fair. The booth was visited by numerous users, exhibitors and specialist colleagues. While Satisloh presented the novelties of the technology, the Cocktail Angels bartenders provided the guests with refreshing drinks. We would like to thank our clients Cocktail Angels and Satisloh for this great photo shoot. Special thanks to our exhibition photographers in Milan, Italy.