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Corporate Event Photography

We are nationwide and photograph your event

We capture your event

Our corporate event photographers will capture high-quality and dynamic images of your event for press, documentation as well as for social media. We manage the coordination and mediation of professional photographers, nationally and all over Europe!

We are ultra fast

We will send you matching Portfolios, an all inclusive quote and availability confirmation on the same day of your request, so you don’t have to wait long. Your photos are then available the next day or immediately!

Photographers all over Europe

Get instant access to our nationwide network of photographers through the agency Offenblende. Book the best regional event photographers, so you can spare on the travel costs and help the environment

Best quality

Our photographers are subject to a rigorous quality check, so we can offer you the best quality and experience

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What is your project called? Where do you need our photography services? What do you intend to do with the images? In what budget range are we moving? The more information we have, the better we can advise you.

What happens after you send us your request?

We will immediately review your request and call you back if you have any questions. Our collaborators check the availability of potential photographers that meet your needs and present the photographer who suits you the same day.

quality check

Our handpicked photographers undergo rigorous qualification tests to provide you with the best possible quality and experience.

You can pay by invoice

After the event, you can pay conveniently by invoice. You will receive all services summarized, no matter how many photographers you have booked. This saves you in bureaucracy, time and work.

Online Gallery

we offer you a professional imagery that you can use for your PR reports as well as an individual and a custom made online photo gallery that you can share with your clients.

We speak englisch

Don’t be shy, just give us a call on +49 221 22202210 – We also speak German, Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

no hidden costs

There are no additional costs, as our services are already included in the photographer’s fee – this keeps things simple and transparent and saves you money!

The best photos

Thanks to the latest camera technology and experience, the photographer manages to discretely and without much annoying noise, usually even without flash, to capture unique moments in your events without being the focus of attention.

Important people, products, emotions and happy guests networking & interacting: Tell us your requirements and we will provide you with the photos you need.

Express delivery

If you need the photos on the same day as the event takes place the photographer will send you a selection of the photos from the event via wifi or email. You can use them for the press or social media, otherwise you will get it on the next day.