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Grand Finals of Carlos | Colegio & Competicion in Andalusia

"Last Time in Cadiz" and "El Pionero" conquer the title

Late evening on Monday, October 16, 2017, it was clear: the Berlin-based Peggy Knuth from the Salut! Bar and Hamburg’s Stefanie Brach from the Christiansen’s bar were crowned winners with their cocktail creations at the final of the Carlos I Colegio & Competición. We were also in Spain and photographically captured the festive atmosphere.

19 candidates from all over Germany have met in Puerto de Santa María

19 candidates from all over Germany have met in Puerto de Santa María. Two bartenders sat down with their innovative creations “Last Time in Cadiz” and “El Pionero”. In the Andalusian homeland of Spain’s number one premium brand, they were able to convince the jury and legend Charles Schumann, cocktail king Uwe Christiansen, spirits expert Jürgen Deibel and the communication manager and Osborne family member Rocío Osborne with their mixed drinks. Both winners have emerged in the same way in the bartender competition from the final and now both bear the official title of the first Primera of Carlos I Colegio & Competición.

Event photography - part of the follow-up

The preparation of the Carlos I Colegio & Competición required good 4cl time management, 4cl discipline, 2cl teamworking, a slice of creativity and a pinch of sunshine. You need at least half of it for follow-up. Event photography is one of those issues, because what remains after an event are numerous memories & great photographs used as press releases and posts in social media. For example, we can show you what the day in the southern Spanish region looked like around the so-called sherry triangle: the program was extensive, refreshing and very informative. After the exciting competition, the jury presented the winners in the Bodega de Mora with a high-quality glass carafe from Schott Zwiesel with title engraving, an engraved cocktail shaker and a bottle of Carlos I Imperial, which has been in sherry barrels for more than 15 years after the Solera process matures to perfection. The evening ended in a convivial round and solemn atmosphere, which we can still look at many years later in the photos!