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Eventfotografie für Dopper x Yoga @ Haubentaucher ©

Dopper for yoga in Berlin “Urban Sports Club”

Last summer, we accompanied Dopper doing yoga in the Great Crested Grebe and made colorful shots. Our event photographer from Berlin has already documented another action by Dopper and created great pictures for the social media activities. What it is this time, you will learn here.

Sustainability for the world, body and soul

Yoga is known for its deep relaxation. Our body and mind are in direct relation to each other. For the general well-being, we should be well physically as well as mentally. Yoga focuses on the balance between physical exertion and appropriate breathing exercises, thus balancing the entire organism. Especially during the exercises in the heat, the body becomes faster supple and elastic, at the same time it loses a lot of fluid that must be filled between the individual asanas. For a sustainable and comfortable drinking, Dopper distributed their stylish Dopper bottles free of charge and provided participants with refreshing water. Our Berlin event photographer Nils photographed the yogis greeting the sun on this great summer day. The photos are used by the grebe for social media activities and to promote the yoga session, which takes place in the summer. Namaste!

Sport cap for more flexibility

Dopper not only produces sustainable bottles for tap water, but also pays attention to modern design and user-friendly functionality. The designer Rinke van Remortel has managed to provide the ideal water bottle for athletes with an ideal for athletes cap. “In my designs, I first concentrate on functionality, that is the basis. But it also has to be something for the eye,

Of course I’m not a designer for nothing, “explains Van Remortel. The “Sport Cap” has a flexible grommet that makes drinking during sports easier. With the Dopper Sport Cap you kill two birds with one stone: it’s more fun to do sports and with the purchase of a Dopper, customers help to protect the environment and help make drinking water available to people in urgent need of it.